Should I do a contrasting island?

Blue has always been a tricky color to design with because it is not considered a neutral and can clash in the wrong combinations. At the same time a contrasting color can add character and dimension. Some feel that doing a colored island might date a kitchen. Things become dated when they are used by the majority of people during a specific period of time. The well designed staples become “timeless”. Adding something unique to your home does not date it but instead makes it look more custom.

Another thing people wonder is if they will get sick of it over time. In order to add any dynamic element to your home, especially a built in piece, you really need to love it. We went back and forth and the homeowners finally decided to take the chance and do the blue island! This is a recent kitchen done with KraftMaid Cabinets in the Lyndale doorstyle painted midnight blue. Everyone who comes into the kitchen raves about the island color! Hopefully seeing this image will help you decide if you want to do the same. Do not let yourself be talked into it by a designer or friends. It is very important that you look at a lot of photos but more importantly really “love” the color you choose. You are going to live with your kitchen for a long time so it’s important that you are comfortable, at the same time, don’t be afraid to take a chance!